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What's New

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We are now offering a full range of in-shop classes and tutorials, please feel free to contact us about large group events and discounts.


Our online store has been completely revamped! In addition to the new items, we have added the option for our patrons to pay directly (and securely) through PayPal!


If you don't see anything that strikes your fancy in our existing stock, always feel free to request a quote on custom work via Email or our Contact Form.

Forged Swords, Knives, Axes,
Armor & other Medieval Weaponry


custom sword

Dragon's Breath Forge is built upon two of the most primal interests of the human species: fire and weapons. Who among us hasn't sat fascinated for hours by watching the flickering of a campfire? Who hasn't felt the satisfaction of firing a bow or using a well-made axe or knife? Well, some people haven't, but those folks probably aren't checking out this website, so they are not our concern at the moment.


custom wootz knives



Beyond a love of fire and sharp-edged implements, we at Dragon's Breath Forge are committed to creating the most technically and aesthetically pleasing items that we possibly can. It is our opinion that a sword's function cannot be removed from its appearance without rendering it "spiritless", and an attractive knife made from poor materials can only be used to defend against an invasion of warm cheese… and we don't think NATO has contingency plans for that one!


custom helmets
Please browse through the website to witness how successful we have been in the forming and combination of these materials. If you happen to be interested in something a bit more prosaic such as a railing or arbor, then please visit the Falling Hammer Productions website and check out the more socially acceptable side of our talent and creativity.

Events 2016


November 12-13



Dragon's Breath Forge will be hosting the fourth annual Swords Through the Centuries Hammer-In. This year it will be a two day event, held on November 12-13.


Hope to see some of you there!